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Our traditional MULTIPLATE SYSTEM consists of a base plate (adapter) and an insert. This MULTIPLATE SYSTEM supports single-, double-, triple- and quadruple-gob glass forming machines with different mold distance.
Systems, compatible with BOTTERO-, EMHART- or GPS- conveyors are similar, but have differences in lengths, thicknesses in general and small alterations of contours. There exist the left-hand and the right-hand systems.
The air nozzle pattern matches the radius of pushers. Photo 4 illustrates “a double nose“ – MULTIPLATE. This dead plate can also be used for left- or right-hand drive off, the base plate is designed for such application.

There are different ways to adjust static and dynamic pressure (air flow speed) and to conform the dead plate system to the requirements of glass container cooling:
→ Positioning and adjusting the quantity of air cooling nozzles
→ Distance and diameter of air cooling nozzles
→ Adjusting the angle of nozzles to glass containers.
Please read chapter 5 to learn more about the recommended materials for inserts.


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