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COMPOSITE C is a carbon fibre reinforced preceramic for applications in the working
temperatures up to 550°C in the open atmosphere and up to 1600°C in vacuum or inert gas.

The advantages of carbon fibre are:
• Lighter than steel, basalt, silicate fibre or alumina-fibre
• Stronger in tensile strength than steel, basalt or silicate fibre
• Excellent temperature resistance in vacuum and inert gas applications

The most important qualities of COMPOSITE C are:
• Excellent temperature resistance in vacuum or inert gas
• Excellent torsion, rigidity, mechanical strength and wear resistance
• Good ductility and vibration resistance
• Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
• Lower thermal conductivity than carbon-carbon composites
• Self-lubricating
• Odourless, non-toxic
• Environmentally friendly

COMPOSITE C is available in sheets (panels) with thickness from 1 mm till 20 mm and dimensions
of one or two sqm. Machined parts and high precision moulded parts are manufactured on
customer requests.

Temperature resistance in open atmosphere/vacuum: 550°C /1600°C

Density (g/cm3): 1,6-1,7
Compressive strength (MPa): 9150
E-Modulus (MPa) /ISO 604: 41700
Tensile strength (MPa) / ISO 527: 293

The most important applications are:
Carriers, static construction elements
Furnace and thermal processing
Glass manufacturing
Industrial production lines and equipment
Microwave and radiation absorbers
Plasma processing
Seals, gaskets
Special industries


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