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COMPOSITE S is a Silicate-3D-fibre reinforced preceramic for applications in working
temperatures up to 800°C.
The advantages of our Silicate-3D- fibre are:
• Lighter than basalt and carbon fibre
• 3D grouping of fibres
• Chemically neutral

Temperature resistance: 800°C
Density (g/cm3): 1,3
Compressive strength (MPa) / ISO 604: 5700
E-Modulus E (MPa) / ISO 604: 6230
Tensile strength (MPa) / ISO 527: 70

The most important qualities of COMPOSITE S are:
• High operating temperature
• Very good ductility
• Good mechanical strength
• Excellent thermal and electrical insulating
• UV and radiation resistance
• Odourless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly
• Easy to machine

COMPOSITE SG is manufactured from woven silicate textiles and possesses higher mechanical strength and higher density of 1,7g/cm.
COMPOSITE S is available in sheets (panels) with thickness from 3 mm till 15 mm and industrial dimensions of 450 x 1100mm (ca. 0,5m).
COMPOSITE SG is available in sheets (panels) with thickness from 1 mm till 10 mm and industrial dimensions of 400 x 450mm (ca. 0,2m). Other dimensions are on request.

The most important applications are:
Electro techniques
Fire protectors, fire barriers
Glass manufacturing
Medical equipment
Production lines and industrial equipment
Industrial robots
Seals, gaskets
Welding protectors


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