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COMPOSITE A is a Al2O3-fibre reinforced preceramic for high temperature applications.

The advantage of polycrystalline Al2O3-fibre is its excellent thermal resistance. Compared to the
other textiles, Al2O3-fibre demonstrates low shrinkage behavior during thermal processing. Al2O3
fibre is noted for its high resistance to thermal shock without losing its toughness. COMPOSITE A
is an excellent composite for rough environment because of this type of reinforcement.
COMPOSITE A has a density of 2.5 g/cm; even higher densities can be reached by applying fine
woven textiles.
Outstanding mechanical and wear resistance, toughness, electrical and thermal insulation make
COMPOSITE A a material that closes the gap between FRPs and ceramics.
Here are the most important qualities of COMPOSITE A:

Temperature resistance up to 1300°C
• High electrical resistance
• High density
• Gas-tight
• Water-tight
• Low shrinkage at rapid temperature fluctuation
• High dimensional and shape stability
• High torsion and ductility
• Excellent wear resistance


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